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Very Best Of Bluegrass

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Very Best Of Bluegrass
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    1-001Foggy mountain breakdownFlatt, Lester & Scruggs, Earl00:02:39
    1-002I'm man of constant sorrowStanley Brothers, The00:02:57
    1-003Blue moon of KentuckyMonroe, Bill & His Bluegrass Boys00:02:00
    1-004Garden in the skyBlue Sky Boys, The00:02:44
    1-005Tennessee cut up breakdownReno & Smiley00:01:40
    1-006Lonesome, sad and blueLonesome Pine Fiddlers, The00:02:23
    1-007Will the circle be unbroken?Brown's Ferry Four, The00:02:56
    1-008Are you missing me?Jim & Jesse00:02:23
    1-009Cripple creekTerry, Sonny & McGhee, Brownie00:04:44
    1-010You can't do wrong and get byDelmore Brothers, The00:02:41
    1-011Sunny side of the mountainLee, Wilma & Cooper, Stoney00:03:03
    1-012Higher in my prayerO'Day, Molly & Cumberland Mtn Folks00:02:27
    1-013Tomorrow may be differentEanes, Jim & Shenandoah Valley Boys00:02:37
    1-014Going back to old KentuckyAdkins, Hobo Jack00:02:04
    1-015Molly and TenbrooksMonroe, Bill & His Bluegrass Boys00:02:45
    1-016Crazy finger bluesReno & Smiley00:02:42
    1-017Goin' to the barn dance tonightRobison, Carson & His Pioneers00:02:44
    1-018Ida redBlue Sky Boys, The00:01:20
    1-019Old salty dog bluesFlatt, Lester & Scruggs, Earl00:02:26
    1-020Keep on the sunny sideCarter Family, The00:02:49
    1-021Little birdieMainer, Wade & His Trio00:02:47
    1-022I cried againEanes, Jim & Shenandoah Valley Boys00:03:06
    1-023Come walk with meLee, Wilma & Cooper, Stoney00:02:23
    1-024Beautiful brown eyesBailey Brothers, The00:02:43
    1-025The fields have turned brownStanley Brothers, The00:02:33
    2-001Orange blossom specialMonroe, Bill & His Bluegrass Boys00:02:32
    2-002Lonesome pine breakdownLonesome Pine Fiddlers, The00:02:29
    2-003Hard to loveShepherd, Hayes00:03:10
    2-004Poor Ellen SmithO'Day, Molly & Cumberland Mtn Folks00:02:39
    2-005Happy valley specialBailey Brothers, The00:02:20
    2-006Dreaming of a little cabinWiseman, Mac00:02:53
    2-007Rounder's bluesDelmore Brothers, The00:02:54
    2-008Your love is like a flowerFlatt, Lester & Scruggs, Earl00:02:32
    2-009I'm gone, long goneReno & Smiley00:02:18
    2-010Widwood flowerCarter Family, The00:03:09
    2-011Cotton eyed JoeStanley Brothers, The00:01:12
    2-012He will set your fields on fireStory, Carl00:02:22
    2-013Wabash cannonballAcuff, Roy00:02:47
    2-014Big midnight specialLee, Wilma & Cooper, Stoney00:02:42
    2-015Florida bluesEanes, Jim & Shenandoah Valley Boys00:02:20
    2-016Why should it end this way?Blue Sky Boys, The00:02:37
    2-017I'm free from the chain gang nowRodgers, Jimmie00:03:05
    2-018Twenty one yearsLonesome Pine Fiddlers, The00:02:18
    2-019Radio boogieSmith, Lc & Mayo, Ralf00:02:24
    2-020Little BessieAlabama Barnstormers, The00:03:16
    2-021'Tis sweet to be rememberedWiseman, Mac00:02:55
    2-022Footprints in the snowMonroe, Bill & His Bluegrass Boys00:02:39
    2-023Wake up sweetheartStanley Brothers, The00:02:37
    2-024Roll in my sweet baby's armsFlatt, Lester & Scruggs, Earl00:02:37
    2-025When the saints go marching inCarson, Fiddin' John Carson & Kate, Moonshine00:03:05
    3-001You are my sunshineRice Brothers Gang, The00:02:43
    3-002Doin' my timeFlatt, Lester & Scruggs, Earl00:02:47
    3-003Brown's Ferry bluesDelmore Brothers, The00:02:35
    3-004Abbeville breakdownAlley Boys Of Abbeville, The00:02:24
    3-005Pick a bale o'cottonTerry, Sonny & McGhee, Brownie00:02:30
    3-006Y'all comeMonroe, Bill & His Bluegrass Boys00:02:10
    3-007She's just a cute thingMartin, Jimmy & Osborne Brothers, The00:01:55
    3-008Something got a hold on meBailey Brothers, The00:02:44
    3-009This little glass of wineStanley Brothers, The00:03:04
    3-010Hear jerusalem mournReno & Smiley00:02:26
    3-011Worried man bluesCarter Family, The00:02:44
    3-012Blue yodel no. 1('T for Texas)Eanes, Jim & Shenandoah Valley Boys00:02:17
    3-013Going like a wildfireWiseman, Mac00:02:30
    3-014Uncle PenMonroe, Bill & His Bluegrass Boys00:02:41
    3-015Great speacle birdAcuff, Roy00:02:52
    3-016Row us over the tideBlue Sky Boys, The00:03:12
    3-017Wake up sweetheartStanley Brothers, The00:02:37
    3-018Pain in my heartLonesome Pine Fiddlers, The00:02:42
    3-019John HenryGuthrie, Woody & Houston, Cisco00:02:44
    3-020Long time, no seeHunter, Frank & Black Mountain Boys00:02:28
    3-021Diggin' my potatoesTerry, Sonny & McGhee, Brownie00:02:55
    3-022Get in line brotherFlatt Lester & Scruggs, Earl00:02:16
    3-023The tramp on the streetO'Day, Molly & Cumberland Mtn Folks00:02:47
    3-024Mule skinner's bluesMonroe, Bill & His Bluegrass Boys00:02:43
    3-025Little old sod shanty on my claimWilliams, Marc00:03:09