The Hits Of The Year 1959

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The Hits Of The Year 1959
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    1-001Put your head on my shoulderAnka, Paul00:02:37
    1-002Red river rockJohnny & The Hurricanes00:02:13
    1-003Charlie BrownCoasters, The00:02:20
    1-004Be my guestDomino, Fats00:02:16
    1-005Kiss me, Honey Honey, kiss meBassey, Shirley00:02:26
    1-006HeartbeatHolly, Buddy00:02:10
    1-007A big hunk o' lovePresley, Elvis00:02:13
    1-008Come softly to meFleetwoods, The00:02:26
    1-009Dream loverDarin, Bobby00:02:31
    1-010('Til) I kissed youEverly Brothers, The00:02:23
    1-011What a difference a day madeWashington, Dinah00:02:29
    1-012Blue HawaiiVaughn, Billy00:02:03
    1-013A teenager in loveDouglas, Craig00:02:18
    1-014Mr. BluePreston, Mike00:02:40
    1-015(Now and then there's) A fool such as IPresley, Elvis & The Jordanaires00:02:31
    1-016Here comes SummerKeller, Jerry00:02:10
    1-017Travellin' lightRichard, Cliff00:02:37
    1-018Makin' loveRobinson, Floyd00:01:55
    1-019Teen beatNelson, Sandy00:03:00
    1-020DonnaValens, Ritchie00:02:29
    1-021Heartaches by the numberPrice, Ray00:02:58
    1-022Ave Maria no morroTrio San José00:02:52
    1-023Mona LisaTwitty, Conway00:02:25
    1-024PersonalityPrice, Lloyd00:02:36
    1-025A pub with no beerSlim Dusty00:02:59
    2-001The day the rains cameMorgan, Jane00:02:59
    2-002I need your love tonightPresley, Elvis00:02:04
    2-003Lipstick on your collarFrancis, Connie00:02:19
    2-004Lonely boyAnka, Paul00:02:32
    2-005The shape I'm inRestivo, Johnny00:02:04
    2-006SleepwalkSanto & Johnny00:02:23
    2-007The three bellsBrowns, The00:02:52
    2-008(At) The end (of the rainbow)Grant, Earl00:02:20
    2-009Petite fleurBarber, Chris' Jazz Band00:02:45
    2-010As I love youBassey, Shirley00:02:53
    2-011I got stungPresley, Elvis & The Jordanaires00:01:51
    2-012VenusAvalon, Frankie00:02:22
    2-013The battle of New OrleansHorton, Johnny00:02:29
    2-014MorgenVaugn, Billy00:02:34
    2-015What do you want to make those eyes at me for?Ford, Emile & The Checkmates00:02:05
    2-016PretendMann, Carl00:02:38
    2-017Sea of loveWilde, Marty00:02:25
    2-018Mack the KnifeDarin, Bobby00:03:07
    2-019It's lateNelson, Ricky00:01:59
    2-020One nightPresley, Elvis00:02:33
    2-021Only sixteenDouglas, Craig00:02:14
    2-022Aloha oheVaughn, Billy00:02:08
    2-023Living dollRichard, Cliff & The Drifters00:02:38
    2-024Oh! CarolSedaka, Neil00:02:18
    2-025Chi chiBuck, John & His Blazers00:02:00

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