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Simply Soundtracks
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    1-001The hanging tree (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt. 1)L'Orchestra Cinematique00:03:38
    1-002City of stars (La La Land)Riverfront Studio Singers00:02:32
    1-003MoonlightL'Orchestra Cinematique00:02:42
    1-004Schindler's ListOrlando Pops Orchestra00:04:04
    1-005Lara's Theme (Doctor Zhivago)Orlando Pops Orchestra00:01:48
    1-006Now we are free (Gladiator)Movie Sounds Unlimited00:04:21
    1-007Dances with wolvesMorgan, John Orchestra00:03:49
    1-008Raiders Of The Lost ArkOrlando Pops Orchestra00:02:28
    1-009Back to the futureSacre00:03:16
    1-010Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On stranger tidesMovie Sounds Unlimited00:01:57
    1-011The magnificent SevenOrlando Pops Orchestra00:03:17
    1-012The great escapeMorgan, John Orchestra00:02:15
    1-013Mission: ImpossibleMovie Sounds Unlimited00:03:24
    1-014To victory (300)Movie Sounds Unlimited00:02:30
    1-015Jai Ho (Slumdog Millionaire)Bombay Bhangara Orkestra00:05:15
    1-016BeetlejuiceL'Orchestra Cinematique00:02:30
    1-017James Bond Theme (Dr. No)Orlando Pops Orchestra00:01:34
    2-001Star TrekTV Sounds Unlimited00:02:23
    2-002Star wars Main Title & Ambush on coruscant (Star Wars 2: Attack of the Clones)Riverfront Studio Orchestra, The00:03:48
    2-003SupermanOrlando Pops Orchestra00:03:55
    2-004Captain America March (Captain America: The First Avenger)Movie Sounds Unlimited00:02:34
    2-005Fantastic Beasts and where to find themRiverfront Studio Orchestra, The00:02:51
    2-006Planet of the apesMovie Sounds Unlimited00:03:48
    2-007Also sprach Zarathustra (2001: A space Odyssey)Orlando Pops Orchestra00:01:24
    2-008The imperial Suite (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story)Riverfront Studio Orchestra, The00:02:30
    2-009Batman: The Dark KnightMovie Sounds Unlimited00:02:26
    2-010Star Wars 5: The empire strikes backOrlando Pops Orchestra00:05:33
    2-011E.T. The Extra-TerrestrialMovie Sounds Unlimited00:03:54
    2-012Ice DanceSacre00:01:46
    2-013AlienOrlando Pops Orchestra00:03:07
    2-014X-Men Origins: WolverineMovie Sounds Unlimited00:04:13
    2-015ThorMovie Sounds Unlimited00:03:04
    2-016The Amazing Spider-ManMovie Sounds Unlimited00:04:53
    2-017Jurassic ParkOrlando Pops Orchestra00:12:26
    2-018Star Wars 6: The return of the JediOrlando Pops Orchestra00:05:45
    3-001Faith (Sing)New Soul Sensation00:02:43
    3-002Let it go (Frozen)Keen, Melinda00:03:43
    3-003How far I'll go (Moana)Heartfire00:02:55
    3-004Finding DoryMovie Sounds Unlimited00:00:58
    3-005You've got a friend in me (Toy Story)Movie Sounds Unlimited00:02:39
    3-006If I didn't have you (Duet Version) (Monster Inc.)Knightsbridge00:03:38
    3-007Beyond the sea (Finding Nemo)Brightside, Leon00:04:27
    3-008Do you want to build a snowman (Frozen)Sacre00:03:26
    3-009Linus and Lucy (Peanuts)Legrand, Jaques00:03:05
    3-010Happy (Despicable Me)Hot Contender00:03:53
    3-011Can't stop the feeling! (Trolls)Mason, Vic Van00:03:56
    3-012Try everything (Zootopia)Alegra00:03:17
    3-013I like to move it (madagascar)Champs United00:03:51
    3-014The smurfsTV Sounds Unlimited00:01:02
    3-015Looney TunesTV Sounds Unlimited00:00:29
    3-016Thoma's theme (Thomas the tank engine & friends)TV Sounds Unlimited00:00:32
    3-017Squeeze me (The Spongbob Movie: Sponge out of water)Movie Sounds Unlimited00:02:32
    3-018What is love? (Rio 2)Flavourine00:03:32
    3-019Everything is awesome!!! (The Lego Movie)Sacre00:02:45
    3-020(Meet) The Flintstones (The Flintstones Movie)Movie Sounds Unlimited00:02:21
    4-001The walking deadL'Orchestra Cinematique00:01:31
    4-002Planeth earth 2L'Orchestra Cinematique00:02:45
    4-004Game of ThronesTV Sounds Unlimited00:01:43
    4-005Downtown AbbeySacre00:03:17
    4-006Twilight Zone: The MovieOrlando Pops Orchestra00:05:44
    4-007Stranger thingsTV Sounds Unlimited00:01:07
    4-008The AvangersStarlite Orchestra00:02:58
    4-009DallasTV Sounds Unlimited00:02:01
    4-010Wonder womanTV Sounds Unlimited00:01:38
    4-011Knight riderTV Sounds Unlimited00:01:18
    4-012BaywatchTV Sounds Unlimited00:02:02
    4-013The A-TeamTV Sounds Unlimited00:01:24
    4-014Doctor WhoTV Sounds Unlimited00:01:13
    4-015The X-FilesOrlando Pops Orchestra00:03:21
    4-016The Pink Panther101 Strings Orchestra00:03:20
    4-017The Muppet ShowRiverfront Studio Singers00:00:54
    4-018The Big Bang TheoryTV Sounds Unlimited00:01:47
    4-019The MunstersTV Sounds Unlimited00:00:46
    4-020BatmanTV Sounds Unlimited00:02:41

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