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Country & Western Ladies

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Country & Western Ladies
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    1-001Lost To A Geisha GirlDavis, Skeeter00:02:14
    1-002Gotta lot of rhythm in my soulCline, Pat00:02:21
    1-003QuicksilverAllen, Rosalie / Britt, Elton00:02:53
    1-004There's Poison In Your HeartWells, Kitty00:02:36
    1-005Beautiful liesShepard, Jean00:02:50
    1-006I Want To Be A Cowboy's SweetheartMontana, Patsy00:03:06
    1-007Precious memoriesMaddox Brothers & Rose00:03:02
    1-008Tennessee wig walkLou, Bonnie00:02:32
    1-009Girl Left AloneParton, Dolly00:02:04
    1-010Mister Fire EyesGuitar, Bonnie00:02:24
    1-011Old MoonFoley, Betty00:02:07
    1-012Single girl, married girlCarter, Sara & The Carter Family00:02:47
    1-013Poor old heartsick meBowes, Margie00:02:13
    1-014MontanaMontana, Patsy00:02:53
    1-015I gotta knowJackson, Wanda00:02:29
    1-016Night Train To MemphisFoley, Red / Lee, Roberta00:02:44
    1-017I Thought Of YouShepard, Jean00:02:33
    1-018Whose Shoulder Will You Cry OnWells, Kitty00:02:10
    1-019Ain't No Wheels On This ShipCline, Patsy00:01:56
    1-020Set Him FreeDavis, Skeeter00:02:14
    2-001I Don't WantaCline, Patsy00:02:22
    2-002HomebreakerDavis, Skeeter00:02:14
    2-003Cheatin's A SinWells, Kitty00:02:51
    2-004Two Fools In LoveRainwater, Marvin / Rainwater, Patty00:02:08
    2-005Tomorrow landMaddox Brothers & Rose00:02:35
    2-006A satisfied mindShepard, Jean00:02:24
    2-007I let the stars get in my eyesHill, Goldie00:02:35
    2-008I'm An Old CowhandMontana, Patsy00:02:54
    2-009Seven lonely daysLou, Bonnie00:02:18
    2-010Puppy LoveParton, Dolly00:01:37
    2-011The Marriage Of Mexican JoeBradshaw, Carolyn00:02:38
    2-012All The TimeWells, Kitty00:02:49
    2-013HummingbirdMaddox Brothers & Rose00:02:29
    2-014Dark MoonGuitar, Bonnie00:02:42
    2-015The She BuckarooMontana, Patsy00:03:16
    2-016Am I that easy to forgetDavis, Skeeter00:02:05
    2-017I Love You HoneyCline, Patsy00:02:19
    2-018One Week LaterWells, Kitty / Pierce, Webb00:02:27
    2-019Stop whistlin' wolfMaddox Brothers & Rose00:02:28
    2-020Waiting for a letterHill, Goldie00:02:31
    3-001Old black choo-chooMaddox Brothers & Rose00:02:19
    3-002You and meWells, Kitty & Foley, Red00:02:38
    3-003I can't help you (I'm falling too)Davis, Skeeter00:02:45
    3-004Never No MoreCline, Patsy00:02:37
    3-005Two whoops and a hollerShepard, Jean00:02:17
    3-006Smile and drive your blues awayMontana, Patsy00:02:45
    3-007I'm a honky-tonk girlLynn, Loretta00:02:17
    3-008Am I still your babyHill, Goldie00:02:06
    3-009Down The Trail Of Achin' HeartsSnow, Hank / Carter, Anita00:02:11
    3-010I Can't Stop Loving YouGibson, Don00:02:12
    3-011Tall manMaddox Brothers & Rose00:02:30
    3-012I'm Yvonne (From The Bayou)Hill, Goldie00:02:16
    3-013Eyes of loveSingleton, Margie00:02:25
    3-014Gallopin' to gallupMontana, Patsy00:02:43
    3-015The Other WomanShepard, Jean00:02:18
    3-016Oh, so many yearsWells, Kitty / Pierce, Webb00:02:41
    3-017Love, Love, Love Me Honey DoCline, Patsy00:02:04
    3-018My Last Date (With You)Davis, Skeeter00:02:33
    3-019I'll go steppin' tooMaddox Brothers & Rose00:02:20
    3-020The lonely side of townWells, Kitty00:02:46
    4-001I Want To Be A Cowboy's Dream GirlMontana, Patsy00:02:42
    4-002I forgot more than you'll ever knowDavis Sisters, The00:03:00
    4-003Walkin' DreamCline, Patsy00:02:18
    4-004Cheated tooCooper, Wilma Lee / Cooper, Stoney00:02:06
    4-005Liquor and womanHill, Goldie00:02:57
    4-006Beautiful bouquetMaddox Brothers & Rose00:02:41
    4-007How Far Is HeavenWells, Kitty00:02:56
    4-008The wandering boyCarter, Sara & The Carter Family00:03:24
    4-009Act Like A Married ManShepard, Jean00:02:15
    4-010Move It On OverMaddox, Rose00:02:14
    4-011(Every Time They Play) Our SongJackson, Wanda00:02:02
    4-012Swing time cowgirlMontana, Patsy00:02:44
    4-013Wish I was a single girl againLulu Belle And Scotty00:02:20
    4-014JealousyWells, Kitty00:02:47
    4-015Under SuspicionShepard, Jean00:02:23
    4-016Breathless loveMaddox Brothers & Rose00:02:49
    4-017Can I count of your loveRainwater, Marvin / Rainwater, Patty00:02:15
    4-018Cry Cry DarlingHIll, Goldie00:02:37
    4-019Rock-A-Bye BoogieDavis Sisters, The00:02:33
    4-020Too many secretsCline, Patsy00:02:17
    5-001Say Big BoyHill, Goldie00:03:00
    5-002He's Lost His Love For MeWells, Kitty00:02:17
    5-003He Left His Heart With MeDavis, Skeeter00:02:24
    5-004In Care Of The BluesCline, Patsy00:02:35
    5-005I Left Her Standing ThereDezurik Sisters, The00:02:21
    5-006Big midnight specialCooper, Wilma Lee / Cooper, Stoney00:02:34
    5-007Hasty babyMaddox Brothers & Rose00:02:26
    5-008Echoes from the hillsMontana, Patsy00:02:50
    5-009Mommy For A DayWells, Kitty00:02:30
    5-010A Poor Man's RosesCline, Patsy00:02:44
    5-011My Wedding RingShepard, Jean00:02:46
    5-012My little babyMaddox, Rose00:01:54
    5-013Sinful HeartJackson, Wanda00:02:36
    5-014Three Ways (To Love You)Wells, Kitty00:02:39
    5-015Don't send no more rosesHill, Goldie00:02:36
    5-016Lone starMontana, Patsy00:03:10
    5-017Don't Let Your Lips Say YesDavis, Skeeter00:02:04
    5-018Let the teardrops fallCline, Patsy00:02:38
    5-019I've got four big brothers (to look after me)Maddox Brothers & Rose00:01:53
    5-020Come walk with meCooper, Wilma Lee / Cooper, Stoney00:02:20
    6-001I'm Going Steady With A HeartacheDavis, Skeeter00:02:11
    6-002Turn The Cards SlowlyCline, Patsy00:02:12
    6-003Shadows On The WallShepard, Jean00:02:27
    6-004Cowboy RhythmMontana, Patsy00:02:57
    6-005There's a big wheelLee, Wilma & Cooper, Stoney00:02:20
    6-006RepentingWells, Kitty00:02:39
    6-007I could never stop loving youMaddox Brothers & Rose00:02:28
    6-008I Learned It All From YouShepard, Jean00:02:20
    6-009Making believeJackson, Wanda00:02:17
    6-010I'm the loneliest gal in townHill, Goldie00:02:37
    6-011Round-Up Time In TexasGirls Of The Golden West, The00:02:29
    6-012The wheel of the wagon is brokenMontana, Patsy00:03:18
    6-013A Passing Love AffairShepard, Jean00:02:25
    6-014(I'll Always Be Your) FrauleinWells, Kitty00:02:48
    6-015Fountain of youthMaddox Brothers & Rose00:02:13
    6-016I'm yesterday's girlHIll, Goldie00:02:57
    6-017Walk Softly DarlingDavis, Skeeter00:02:14
    6-018I'm Moving AlongCline, Patsy00:02:08
    6-019Dim lights, thick smokeLee, Rosa / Maphis, Joe00:02:58
    6-020I only want a buddy, not a sweetheartMontana, Patsy00:02:49
    7-001Stop, Look And ListenCline, Patsy00:02:22
    7-002My love is a flameHIll, Goldie00:02:38
    7-003A Dear John LetterShepard, Jean / Husky, Ferlin00:02:32
    7-004Marry me againMaddox Brothers & Rose00:02:35
    7-005Wave Bye ByeDavis, Skeeter00:02:21
    7-006Searching (for someone else)Wells, Kitty00:02:26
    7-007Over And OverShepard, Jean00:02:24
    7-008Ridin' the sunset trailMontana, Patsy00:03:03
    7-009Silver Threads And Golden NeedlesJackson, Wanda00:02:39
    7-010Round town girlsNeal, Wanda & Ruth00:03:02
    7-011A Thief In The NightShepard, Jean00:02:10
    7-012I gotta go get my babyMaddox Brothers & Rose00:02:22
    7-013Let Me Be The OneHill, Goldie00:02:27
    7-014Amigo's GuitarWells, Kitty00:02:42
    7-015Rodeo sweetheartMontana, Patsy00:02:44
    7-016Looking back to seeHill, Goldie / Tubb, Justin00:02:20
    7-017The Weak And The StrongShepard, Jean00:02:24
    7-018That Wonderful SomeoneCline, Patsy00:02:31
    7-019I Ain't A-Talkin'Davis, Skeeter00:01:56
    7-020A rusty old haloMaddox Brothers & Rose00:02:44
    8-001You Can't Have My LoveJackson, Wanda / Gray, Billy00:02:31
    8-002Hungry for loveCline, Patsy00:02:29
    8-003SlaveDavis, Skeeter00:02:24
    8-004You'd Better GoShepard, Jean00:02:10
    8-005Wild wild young menMaddox Brothers & Rose00:02:25
    8-006Left to rightWells, Kitty00:02:34
    8-007My baby's lullabyMontana, Patsy00:02:37
    8-008Little birdieCoon Creek Girls00:02:35
    8-009Are you mineHill, Goldie / Sovine, Red00:02:42
    8-010Sweet TemptationShepard, Jean00:02:14
    8-011A Date With JerryJackson, Wanda00:02:14
    8-012He'll have to stayBlack, Jeanne00:02:43
    8-013The hoot-owl melodyMaddox Brothers & Rose00:02:11
    8-014Why talk to my heartHill, Goldie00:02:18
    8-015The Devil's DollDavis, Skeeter00:02:10
    8-016Don't Ever Leave Me AgainCline, Patsy00:02:28
    8-017My dear old Arizona homeMontana, Patsy00:02:37
    8-018You shall not stealWells, Kitty00:02:29
    8-019Forgive Me, JohnShepard, Jean / Husky, Ferlin00:02:25
    8-020Treat me kindHIll, Goldie00:02:22
    9-001One by oneWells, Kitty & Foley, Red00:02:56
    9-002I can't forgetCline, Patsy00:02:27
    9-003Give Me DeathDavis, Skeeter00:02:21
    9-004Why don't you let me goHill, Goldie00:02:23
    9-005Little sweetheart of the OzarksMotana, Patsy00:02:55
    9-006I've Kissed You My Last TimeWells, Kitty00:02:27
    9-007I'll make sweet love to youMaddox Brothers & Rose00:02:23
    9-008A satisfied mindFoley, Red / Foley, Betty00:02:52
    9-009I'll Never Be FreeShepard, Jean00:02:38
    9-010Please Call TodayJackson, Wanda00:02:17
    9-011Train whistle bluesLou, Bonnie00:02:35
    9-012Walking the floor over youPage, Patti00:02:29
    9-013Make Love To MeHill, Goldie00:02:40
    9-014It wasn't god who made honky tonk angelsWells, Kitty00:02:31
    9-015Wishful ThinkingDavis, Skeeter00:02:38
    9-016Little Willie waltzMaddox Brothers & Rose00:02:30
    9-017Three Cigarettes In An AshtrayCline, Patsy00:02:15
    9-018Don't read the letterPage, Patti00:02:32
    9-019Make believeWells, Kitty & Foley, Red00:02:31
    9-020Shine On, Rocky Mountain MoonlightMontana, Patsy00:02:58
    10-001Walkin' after midnightCline, Patsy00:02:34
    10-002Ain't gonna wash my face for a monthHill, Goldie00:02:11
    10-003Pride Of The PrairieMontana, Patsy00:02:47
    10-004Your Cheatin' HeartDavis, Skeeter00:02:43
    10-005The Hiccough songMaddox Brothers & Rose00:02:15
    10-006As long as I liveWells, Kitty & Foley, Red00:02:34
    10-007You Win AgainShepard, Jean00:02:52
    10-008Old MoonFoley, Betty00:02:39
    10-009Tennessee WaltzPage, Patti00:03:03
    10-010Make up your mindWells, Kitty00:02:14
    10-011Kiss me like crazyMaddox Brothers & Rose00:02:13
    10-012I Love You BecauseShepard, Jean00:02:34
    10-013I wanna be a western cowgirlMontana, Patsy00:02:54
    10-014Please don't betray meHill, Goldie00:02:33
    10-015Don't be cruelPage, Patti00:02:05
    10-016Under Your Spell AgainDavis, Skeeter00:02:38
    10-017Sure fire kissesHill, Goldie / Tubb, Justin00:02:27
    10-018Take a gamble on meMaddox Brothers & Rose00:02:33
    10-019Honky Tonk Merry Go-RoundCline, Patsy00:02:21
    10-020A Wedding Ring AgoWells, Kitty00:02:17

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